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Officers & Directors


  • Timothy H. Keever, President
  • Brenda H. Watson, Vice President
  • Sharon W. Warren, Vice President / Branch Manager - Taylorsville
  • Patsy Durmire, Branch Manager - Hiddenite
  • Kathleen Gwaltney, Branch Manager - Bethlehem
  • Edward R. Payne, Secretary/Treasurer


  • Harold G. Adams, Chairman
  • Gary W. Jennings, Vice-Chairman
  • Gordon E. Hefner, Director
  • Mark Gantt, Director
  • Anna F. Ferguson, Director
  • Rickey D. Brown, Director
  • Timothy H. Keever, President & Director

Annual Meeting

The Bank holds its annual meeting on the second Monday of August of each year. Shareholders of the Bank elect the Bank's Directors on an annual basis. Shareholders get one vote for each $100 on deposit with the Bank, up to 1,000 votes, as well as one vote for each loan they have with the Bank.